Cleaning and Sealers

Granite Care & Maintenance

Clean with a clean, damp cloth and use a granite cleaning product, such as Dupont Granite and Marble Cleaner & Protector, for an additional layer of protection.  Avoid ammonia, bleach or any abrasive cleaning products with solvents or caustics, as this will remove the sealant.

Natural stones like granite is porous to some degree and require frequent sealing to protect the stone.

Engineereed Stone Care & Maintenance

Engineered countertops will retain their radiant appearance for years. For routine cleaning, use soap and water with a damp cloth, sponge or paper towel and, if necessary, a small amount of non-bleach, nonabrasive cleanser. Even though engineered stone resists permanent staining when exposed to liquids (such as wine, vinegar, tea, lemon juice and soda) or fruits and vegetables, wipe up food and liquid spills as soon as possible. Avoid using cleansers that contain bleach. Always follow the cleaner manufacturer’s use instructions and exercise proper care when handling and storing any cleaning products. To maintain the beauty of the engineered stone, do not place hot skillets or roasting pans directly onto the surface and always use a cutting board when cutting.

Marble Care & Maintenance

Wipe marble with a clean, slightly damp cloth and then dry with a soft towel. Avoid bleach, acidic cleaners or any abrasive household cleaners, as etching and dullness may occur. It is recommended that marble be sealed on an annual basis to protect the surface. Clean up any spills on marble as quickly as possible. Sealants help to prevent stains but do not keep them from happening.


Quartzite Care & Maintenance

It is recommended that quartzite is cared for in the same manner as granite. An annual sealer will provide the basis for general protection. A daily granite cleaning product will also help retain the beauty and functionality of quartzite.